Kayak Angler’s roving gear hound, Gary Elliott went on the hunt for interchangeable accessories that go from yak to yak and yak to boat, RV, ATV, car or house. Here’s a run down of some of the most useful accessories that you can cary from one vehicle to another.

YakAttack GearTrac:

Price: $20.00, $30.00 and $35.00

GearTrac is the most versatile way of mounting accessories and YakAttack and other companies have their own length and material of gear track to put on a kayak, boat or ATV allowing you the ability to mount most any brand of accessory on your track. The one featured in my article was from YakAttack and is called Generation II GearTrac and it comes in 4”, 8”, 12” and 16” giving you the ability to mount anywhere on your yak, boat or ATV.

YakAttack Tie Downs:

Price: $15.00 for pack of 2

YakAttack’s tie-downs mount easily on any track system making it very versatile and can be used to tie-down gear on kayaks, ATV’s and boats.  You could even mount on your Orion Cooler and secure gear as you carry it out to your favorite camping spot. They come in a pack of two and are a great addition to your gear.

Wilderness Systems Lithium Battery:

Price: $124.99

The new 15 mAh lithium battery from Wilderness Systems is packed with hours of power for your camera, fish/depth finder, lights and more.  This item is great because it can literally be carried from your kayak to your boat to your ATV and power all your accessories for several hours and another nice thing about this battery is its compact size 4.5” Long X 3” High X 2” Wide and a weight of 14 ounces. Not waterproof, but very water resistant.

Railblaza StarPort:

ePort around: $26.99
Regular Starport: $14.99
HD: $14.99

The StarPort mount from Railblaza comes with the ability to power either USB or 12V DC devices and comes in round or the HD rectangle style base mounts, Swivel mount, rail mount, Cleatport. All of which give you the ability to mount a light pole, camera pole, transducer mount, fishing pole mount and the Tracport Dash 350. Railblaza even has a rifle mount for your ATV or duck hunting rig.

Fish Finder Mounts:

15mm standard: $79.85
Xpower: $88.95
Bolt-on: $89.95
Strap-on: $38.85

The magnetic transducer mount is a win/win for anyone that uses fish/depth finders on their kayak, float tube or boat. You can take your transducer quickly and easily off your kayak and place on your boat and with a strap-on base you can stick it to your float tube.  There are two models, the 15mm magnetic, Xpower (25% more magnetic power for bigger transducers), Bolt-on and the strap-on mount.

Scotty Mount:

4” LP Track: $8.99
8” LP Track: $14.99
Camera Mount w/compass: $15.99
Cup Holder: $10.99

Scotty introduced their Low Profile Track this year and it comes in 4” and 8” lengths. This track accommodates a lot of the Scotty products made it hold your fishing rod, cup holder and camera mounts. In addition, Scotty also introduced stick-on mounts. These can be stuck anywhere, boat, kayak, ATV, car, truck, literally anything giving you the freedom to have a Scotty product anywhere. I mounted a 4” low profile track on my Ride kayak and was able to use the camera mount and if you wanted you could even mount their bait board or another rod holder there.  Scotty’s track and stick on mounts really give you a lot of freedom.

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