Photo: Ben Duchesney

I never have to stop fishing; well, at least I don’t have to go home. Ever since I turned my truck bed into a rolling abode, complete with all my fishing gear, food and a place to sleep, I can stay on location as long as the fish are biting. Get these gear essentials to outfit your own home away from home.  


Mountain Hardwear’s Lamina Z Flame bag keeps me toasty even after the water is frozen solid. Rated to 22°F, the three-season mummy bag serves as a sleeping pad on warm nights and a full sleeping bag when the temperature drops. I’ve spent weeks sleeping in this bag without any shifting of the insulation creating dreaded cold spots. The full-length zipper features double sliders for ventilation on warm nights. A built-in compression sack packs the bag to the size of a football, leaving more room in the cab for fishing gear.

[2] ROADIE 20
YETI COOLERS | $249.99

Yeti is famous for bear-proof coolers, but they should have tested these on kayak anglers. When you’re living with your cooler, high quality components are even more important. Yeti’s hinges and latches don’t break, even if the cooler takes a tumble out the back of the truck. Most important, the screw-in drain plug won’t leak fish sludge into my living space.

GOAL ZERO | $429.98

Face it, without electrical power, you might as well be living in a cave. Goal Zero’s Yeti 150 solar generator kit keeps lights on and electronics charged. The battery can charge via AC, 12-volt or solar so I can keep my DSLR cameras, laptop, GoPros and phone charged. Hanging Goal Zero’s new Light-A-Life lights puts illumination where I need it. This silent power source is smaller than a car battery and quieter than a generator for a peaceful night’s sleep.

RODMOUNTS | $149.95

Rod racks keep my sticks elevated and out of the way. RodloftPro is gentle enough to carry high-dollar fly rods and robust enough for high powered heavy tackle. Steel cross bars and padded cradles keep the rods in place no matter how rough the ride. The kit…



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