Best Motor Drive Fishing Kayaks and Kits

M otorized kayaks are no longer considered cheating. Today, major tournament trails, anglers with disabilities and folks looking to have fun without breaking a sweat are jumping on board electric-powered fishing kayaks. Bixby, Feelfree, Jackson and Jonny Boats are leading the race to motorized fishing kayaks and motor kits.

Bixpy Outboard Kit for Kayaks

The Bixpy Jet is an electric water-jet propulsion system designed to motorize virtually any kayak, canoe or small watercraft. At lower speeds, a single charge allows you to troll for 10h. At full speed, a single charge can boost your kayak to about seven miles per hour for up to 75 minutes of continuous use. The Bixpy Outboard Kit is emission-free, weighs only nine pounds and is easy to mount, operate and transport.

Price: $999




Feelfree Lure Tandem

The Lure II Tandem is based on the same amazing comfort, stability and versatility of the popular Lure series—times two! With two complete cockpits featuring sonar and electronic sonar pods and patented Gravity Seats, the Lure II cuts no corners to offer the best for two anglers. The Lure II can also be paddled as a solo kayak from the rear seat position. Also available with Overdrive.

Price: $2299




Feelfree Dorado

The Dorado offers features unlike any other, including a fully integrated electrical system with navigation and cockpit LED lights and ready for the optional Motordrive, fish finder and more. The kayak is designed from the ground up with a focus on stability, tracking and propulsion performance made possible by the innovative cathedral tri-hull. The Dorado is for the serious kayak angler.

Price: $2499




Jackson Kayaks Flex Drive E

The Flex Drive E is designed to connect with your Flex Drive lower unit to provide electric-powered propulsion. The Flex Drive E system makes switching from pedal to electric power quick and easy. Designed for use with Jackson Kayak or BlueSky Boatworks to provide you countless adventures to come.


Price: $599






Jonny Boats Bass 100

The Bass 100 borrows from the classic johnboat concept, featuring an open platform to build upon as they did in the good ol’ days. Jonny Boats blends this classic concept with modern boat and kayak technology, offering a highly customizable base model ready for multiple outfitting options, including whether you choose to paddle it or outfit with a motor. Shown with optional accessories and motors.

Price: $899




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