Photo: Dustin Doskocil

Nothing is more exciting than sight casting to an unsuspecting fish—just hope the fish doesn’t see you first. Fish have four visual pigments that allow them to see more colors than humans can see. They also have better visual detection of motion and contrast. This has inspired anglers to cook up ways to hide from the fish.

Water absorbs light and color; the deeper the water the less light and color that enter the fish’s eyes. At depth, all color is lost and the fish only see grey. However, at the surface, the fish can detect a wide range of colors into the ultraviolet range. As a fish enters shallow water, it is already on the lookout for death from above. Largemouth bass, for example, can see in every direction except directly below and directly behind.

Not only can fish detect the slightest twitch, but they have excellent contrast perception. Every angler knows fish hunt for prey that stands out against the background, that’s why you use a dark lure in dark water.

So clothing and tackle manufacturers have responded with products that hide anglers and their intentions. Braided line pioneers at Spiderwire, with…



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