Vibe Kayaks splashed on the scene five years ago proving anglers can get a quality kayak for less than $1,000. In 2019, they announced the release of the Shearwater 125, a premium multi-power boat for less than $2,000.

Vibe designer Josh Thomas took us on a tour of the new boat. Building on the best qualities of the standup kayak class, the Shearwater rides on a tunnel hull with a sharp bow entry and smooth exit for a straight ride in any water conditions.

Vibe packed the topside with every accessory imaginable. Four horizontal rod holders secure rods to cut through the surf or sneak under overhanging trees. Four flushmount rod holders behind the seat are angled straight back for transporting rods.

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Gear tracks allow for further customization and a removable electronics console makes installing a fish finder and navigation system easy.

Flat space on the stern will accept a PowerPole Micro and tackle tray storage has been molded in on either side of the seat.

A flat deck from stern to bow offers acres of standing room. From the standup-boat basics, the Shearwater continues with innovative touches that will make it Vibe’s flagship.

Freeflow foot pegs can be adjusted on the fly to dial in fit when the seat is in high or low position. Or, lock the foot pegs in for more paddling power.

The Shearwater 125’s frame seat can be adjusted into four positions: high, low, high recline and low recline. The seat back can be folded forward to reveal a square platform for a higher seated position or even a standing perch.

The Shearwater is designed to paddle well or accept a pedal or motor system in a large covered well in the deck. Thomas has adapted a pedal and fin system to propel the Shearwater, but he looks forward to adding an insert that will accept other pedal systems.

To motorize the kayak, the Shearwater can be rigged with a Bixby motor and lithium-ion battery. The motor can be installed through the center scupper or attached to the rudder.

With the accessories and design features, the Shearwater 125 is capable of simple rigging or outright bling-bling, all for $1,799 with X-drive pedals or $1,299 without.

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