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Ocean Kayak redesigned Trident series promises same great performance and new fishing features.

Ocean Kayak has led the industry in open water boats since the dawn of kayak fishing. Over the years, they’ve managed to stay ahead of the competition with innovative fishing features and time-tested designs while staying true to high performance fishing machines.

The latest update to their Trident line propels them in to the lead, again. At OR Demo Day, R and D director, Bob McDonough took us through the updated Trident’s features. Starting with the same proven, ocean-going hull they added modern amenities to the topside. Gear tracks throughout add more freedom when rigging the boat. Flushmount rod holders behind the seat are a must-have on any big-water kayak.The 15-foot model has a stern hatch that makes it easy to load with gear for a mulit-day fishing expedition.

The most impressive features are the new Mod Pod and ACS Seat. Improving on the popular pod system in previous models, the new Mod Pod opens like a Swiss army knife. On top, the pod has cubbies to store gear and install electronics. A powerful magnet under the lid will hold hooks, lures and even tools. The Pod splits open to reveal two removable trays. Take out the trays and you can easily store large fishing rods for sketchy trips through the surf. Access through the hatch and forward of the hatch has plenty of space for cables to install electronics and a special scupper will accept all types of transducer.

Our favorite feature is the new seat. Staying true to open-water design, McDonough and team worked tirelessly with pro-staff to design a low-profile seat that offers all the comfort of a frame seat while providing support for hard paddling. The seat pan has a 3-D design that hugs the butt. The pan can be lifted or lowered to provide more thigh support. The backrest can be raised or lowered to provide perfect lower-back support for powerful paddle strokes on long trips. The seat combines foam padding and open mesh for comfort and breathability.

On the water, the boat performed as expected. It’s fast and seaworthy. The new features were welcome additions without getting in the way. And I love the seat. So comfortable that I forgot it was there. The scuppers drain water so I stay dry and the leg and back support provide solid foundation for hard paddling without getting in the way. Ocean Kayak’s updated Trident series puts them in the lead on open water, again!

Watch video of the new Trident 13 on the water at OR Demo Day.

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