Fishing Kayak Review: Wilderness Systems Tarpon 130X (VIDEO)

Tarpon 130x: The boat we love with a topside design we love more. Photo: Ric Burnley
Tarpon 130x: The boat we love with a topside design we love more.

Why reinvent the wheel? Wilderness Systems’ Tarpon has been a proven fish killer since the early days of kayak fishing. For 2015, the Tarpon has been redesigned to include modern features in a time-proven hull. While the underside of the Tarpon hasn’t changed, the topside features the modern marvels that kayak anglers expect.

For beginners, the new Tarpon includes Wildy’s FlexPod OS that accepts electronics and gear or the Torqueedo motor. They’ve also included a handy utility consol that can be switched from a cupholder to a tool holder to a blank slate. The tankwell has been expanded to accept utility crate or live well. A test paddle of the new Tarpon proved the same great performance while the new additions were easy to reach and easy to accomodate.

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Ric Burnley
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