NuCanoe Pursuit is an open water kayak that will go anywhere. Photo: Ric Burnley
NuCanoe Pursuit is an open water kayak that will go anywhere.

One of the most hotly anticipated kayaks of 2015, NuCanoe’s Pursuit adds an open water boat to the company’s line of utilitarian kayaks. The Pursuit keeps NuCanoe’s open deck heritage but adds low-profile gunnels, narrow beam and streamlined profile for a better paddling experience that will take any angler anywhere.

We were excited to get the boat on the water. Paddling around Cemetery Point during Outdoor Retailer’s Demo Day, we put the new boat through its courses. The Pursuit has snappy acceleration and great tracking. Yet, it still turns on a dime and takes a sea. Standing is a snap and sitting is even easier in the new Pursuit seat.

The seat is made of mesh to be breathable and drain water. Unclip a snap and the seat drops for low-profile paddling. Raise the seat and clip the snap, for an elevated fishing position. I was able to go from high to low position without leaving the seat. Two long tracks in the deck allow the seat to move fore and aft or attach accessories.

There is even a replacable drag plate on the keel to prevent damage to the hull. The new model will come in two packages. Standard package will include the seat and standard accessories like the horizontal rod holders. A premium package includes deck padding, drybag, extra paddlestraps, might mounts and gear tracks.

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