Jackson’s new Kraken hits the water soon.

Jackson jumps into the open water kayak race with a kayak designed for some of the most challenging paddling environments in the world and meant to be for the offshore and big lake kayak angler.

This kayak marks the first collaborative design between legendary kayak angler, Jim Sammons and Jackson Kayak’s design team led by Tony Lee.  The end result is a boat shaped and built to accommodate those hitting the open water, those looking for speed, comfort, perfect trim and big water management.  It’s a paddlers fishing kayak!  It’s designed for punching surf, handling rough off shore currents, swells, beach landings and those wanting ultimate performance when putting in long distances to get on fish.  The Kraken is also about landing big fish and will handle the weight, the gear, positioning equipment and managing the process.  It accommodates live bait challenges, rod storage, fish finders and will come equipped with gear boxes (Plano Ammo-style box and custom JKrate) and, like all Jackson fishing kayaks, be ready to fish.

”I have been waiting for a “Paddlers” fishing kayak that has all the features I need, can carry me and all my gear and is a joy to paddle for miles and miles and the Kraken is that boat.” – Jim Sammons

”The Kraken was a fun one to design, mostly because the core mandate was to build a great paddling boat for fishing, instead of a fishing boat we can paddle.  The end result was pretty much all our design experience pulled together into one VERY awesome paddling kayak!” – Tony Lee.



With all the challenges of the open water and big game, the Kraken will come with a truly unique set of features:

  •          A hull designed for paddlers; for people that want a kayak for offshore and multi day trips. A kayak that is comfortable in big water and flat water. The speed to cover miles and the volume to carry you, your gear and the big fish home.
  •          A never before seen bait pump scupper combined with the included JKrate makes for a simple bait tank solution
  •          NEW and Improved Elite seat with adjustable trim. Adjust your seat forward or back to compensate for your load. Always have the perfect trim on your kayak for the ultimate paddle ability.
  •          NEW Elite Seat ‘Retention System’ for security in rough water
  •          New hinged center hatch with tracks and accessories; easier access to the hull of the kayak for rod storage or getting your fish into a game bag.
  •          Seven different areas of Yakattack tracks for the ultimate for unlimited RAM/Yakattack accessory placement and rigging options
  •          Four rod holders included behind the seat
  •          An innovative JKrate retention system. If you do roll you can be confidant your Jkrate is staying put.
  •          Specially designed Jkrate, or KKrate (Kraken Krate)  that includes multiple rod holders and is designed for easy rigging as a bait tank.
  •          An in hull battery storage solution
  •          NEW neoprene sealed, dual leveled front hatch
  •          NEW mid hatch, bait tank gear and fish storage system
  •          NEW angle-adjustable foot pegs
  •          NEW bilge pump scupper
  •          Transducer scupper for fish finders
  •          Plano ammo-style tackle box included
  •          NEW, custom sized, JKrate included, with innovative hose mounting and secured with NEW track system
  •          2 RAM Rocket Launcher rod holders
  •          2 Flush Mount rod holders



Category (WW, Rec, Touring, Fish, Youth)


Style (SOT, Sit-In, etc)


Length (ft, in)

 15′ 3″

Width (in)


Height (in)


Volume (Gallons)


Weight (Pounds)


# Seats


Seat Type (WW, Elite, Mold)

Elite 3.0

Hi-Lo Seating (Yes/No)

No (trimmable seating)

Front Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in)

Y (size TBD)  large enough for wheel cart

Day Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in)

Long center hatch.

Rear Hatch (Y/N), Dimensions (in)

Yes, round

Deck Rigging (Y/N, Bow, Stern, Both)

Yes, Both

Rudder (Yes/No, Optional, Skeg)

Yes, Optional

Rudder Type (Smart, Peg, Skeg)

Peg, Sea-Lect

Footrest Type (Peg, Foam, WW, Mold, etc)

Peg (new JK)

Capacity (lbs)

550 lbs


Linear Poly

MSRP Price US $

$1800 – 2000

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Ric Burnley
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