FeelFree's new Sonar Pod will be available on Lure models. Photo: Ric Burnley
FeelFree’s new Sonar Pod will be available on Lure models.

FeelFree fans love the sturdy construction, wheel in keel and eye for detail, now they can have an electronics pod, too. This year, the popular Lure line will be redesigned to include a removable electronics pod. The console will hold fishfinder/GPS display unit, battery and transducer. The unit is compatible with all new lure models so you can buy one set of electronics and use it in more than one boat.

FeelFree has also introduced a new stand-up bar that is designed to fit any model kayak. The sturdy, over-engineered bar locks into gear tracks so it can be adjusted for a perfect fit. We even caught sight of a new anchor stake-out pole base that FeelFree will introduce this year.

Unfortunately, the new Wahoo offshore boat is still in design stage, but we did learn the boat will be 14 feet long and 28-inches wide. The boat will feature a hull designed for speed and efficiency for anglers looking to cover distance over open water.

FeelFree’s new Wahoo will be an open-water boat with FeelFree’s cool features.

FF wahoo


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