Ric Burnley
Viking 440 is a great boat at a great price.

We are already a big fan of Viking kayak’s performance hull and feature-full design. The Viking 440 gives us another reason to cheer. New from New Zealand, the 440 is a value version of the high-performance boats. With the same fast, maneuverable and stable hull as her big sister, the 440 cuts out the rod pod and bow hatch to cut the price. Instead, the 440 has a covered bow well. In the cockpit, there is a large hatch with the signature cutting board and a circular hatch. Rod holders in the bow, mid-ship and behind the seat. So anglers get the same great performance and function at a lower price. We also learned that Viking has perfected a three-color mix for even more options on kayak color. And another reason to cheer this great boat from New Zealand.

Viking’s 440 features a large center hatch and round hatch with rod holders all around.

Viking 2 sm


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