Best Fishing Kayaks Under $1000

ne of the most exciting advancements in fishing kayaks comes at the low-end of the price range.

In the past year, major brands have released value-priced kayaks with the fishing features and paddling performance of their higher-priced models.

Using their design experience, existing accessories and rigging companies have found efficiencies to save you money while maintaining the features you like.

Feelfree, 3 Waters, Native and others have released capable fishing kayaks with price tags under $1000.

Take a look at their selection below.

3 Waters Big Fish

Price: $799

The 3 Waters Big Fish offers all the features, stability and comfort you expect from a high-dollar kayak but at an affordable price. The kayak is designed from the ground up with a focus on stability, tracking and performance, made possible by the innovative cathedral tri-hull. The deck features a standing platform, storage space along the gunwales and built-in rod holders. Available in two sizes.

Feelfree Lure 10

Price: $899

The Lure 10.5 comes with everything you need to get out and go fish in a smaller and more manageable size. The kayak comes with a variety of unique comfort features seen on the Lure series, including the removable multi-height adjustable Gravity Seat and Wheel in the Keel. New for 2020 is the addition of the sonar and electronics pod for your fish finder and more.

Moken 12.5 V2

Price: $799

Introducing the new Moken 12.5 V2, featuring a new multi-position and height-adjustable seat and removable sonar pod. The Moken 12.5 has been Feelfree’s perfect all-around fishing kayak and it’s now better than ever. The kayak is brimming with standard features, including UNI-Track rails for easy accessory outfitting, front and rear hatches and the Wheel in the Keel for easy transport.


Native Watercraft Falcon 11

Price: $799

The Native Watercraft Falcon 11 is a feature rich, super stable, compact fishing machine at price point that’s hard to beat, especially when the cooler is packed with fresh catch.

At 11 feet long and 32.5 inches wide, the Falcon 11 slides through the water with excellent tracking and ample stability for standing up to sight fish.

Perception Kayaks Outlaw 11.5

Price: $699

The Outlaw 11.5 boasts a wide-open deck, an expansive standing platform, seriously elevated seating, and intuitive features throughout, disrupting the notion that an incredibly unique angling platform needs to break the bank. So good, it should be illegal.


  1. I just read your article about kayaks under $1000 which were just barely under. I bought my kayak, a Lifetime brand sit on top that I paid $192 . I realize it doesn’t have a lot of features of the kayaks you test but there are a lot of people buying these entry-level kayaks which you never seem to rate. How about doing some articles including these like the angler models?

  2. This durable kayak from Lifetime is a very well rounded and affordable buy that is perfect for those who are new to the kayak scene. This kayak is blow molded from high-density polyethylene making it super strong and able to withstand years of wear and tear and environmental punishment. It is able to hold up to three people with a weight limit of up to 500 pounds. The seats in this kayak are a little higher than standard allow the user to remain dry and comfortable. Due to the great stability, you are actually able to stand and remain balanced in this kayak, a great plus for many anglers. The Sports Fisher comes equipped with three rod holders and a 6-inch storage hatch to keep your items dry and protected. Paddle clips and cradles ensure that your double-sided paddles remain securely in place while not in use. The seats are all equipped with padded backrests making this spacious and comfortable kayak ideal for a family fishing trip.


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